BMW: The Remarkable Journey of the All-New BMW X5

How do you transport the All-New BMW X5 from the factory in Spartanburg to the LA Auto Show? You don’t. It’s much more fun to drive. That’s why we drove it for 3,027 miles, across 11 states, in a straight line and took no detours. Well, almost no detours. A truly remarkable journey in a truly remarkable vehicle.

Hard to believe?
You haven’t met the All-New X5. Until now.


VP of Marketing at BMW North America: Trudy Hardy

Head of Brand Strategy and Communication BMW of North America: Wolfgang Gross

National Marketing Manager: Lisa Judge

Senior Brand and Communications: Kirsten Zayas

Chief Driving Instructor BMW Performance Driving School: Matt Mullins


Co-Chairman: Rich Silverstein

Creative Director: Roger Baran

Creative Director: Jack Woodworth

Copywriter: Otto Pajunk

Art Director: Ricardo Matos

Copywriter: Claire Stokes

Art Director: Maria Sousa Machado


Director of Broadcast Production: Tod Puckett

Executive Producer: Benton Roman

Senior Producer: Tess Kenner

Account Services

Group Account Director: Theo Abel

Account Director: Alissa Sheely

Account Director: Clark Gieseke

Account Manager: Jacob Stitzel


Group Communications Strategy Director: Dong Kim

Director of Communications: Meredith Vellines

Senior Brand Strategist: Mackenzie Beer

Business Affairs

Director of Business Affairs: Judy Ybarra

Senior Business Afffairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer

Production Company

Company Name: M ss ng P eces

Director: Jonny Mass

Producer: Clint Caluory

Director of Photography : Jared Fadel

Still Photography : Jonny Mass


Editor: David Becker

Assistant Editor: Steven Castro

Executive Producer: Luke Dillon

Director of eLevel: Michael Damiani

Sound Design: Dave Baker and Paul Simmans

Mix: Dave Baker and Paul Simmans

Motion Graphics

Technical Director: Nathan Shipley

Finishing/VFX Production

Company name: The Mill

Executive Producer: Anastasia Von Rahl

Producer: Andrew Gilson

Coordinator: Mary Mondrus

2D Lead Artist: Adam Lambert

2D Artists: Jeff Langlois / Patrick Dirks

Colorist: Adam Lambert

Senior Color Producer: Liza Kerlin

Color Assists: Gemma Parr / Logan Highlen / Zack Wilpon

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